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Kim Jong Il Will Live Forever with Immortal Flower: Foreigner and Overseas Koreans
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- Foreigners and overseas Koreans expressed their admiration at Kimjongilias that were in full bloom at the venue of the 16th Kimjongilia Festival.

Kenichi Ogami, secretary general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea, said:

Seeing the flowers, I was deeply impressed by the greatness of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il provided a sure guarantee for the final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche.

The Korean people are upholding the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is a man of inspiration for us.

We will follow the road of Juche led by Kim Jong Un who is successfully carrying forward the cause of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Ro Mu Hyon, chairman of the Hyogo Prefectural Headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, said:

While looking round the venue of the festival, I became stronger in my yearning for Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il devoted his all to the country and the people. The visits helped me to realize what a great man we had been led by.

The flower of the sun will be in full bloom in the hearts of the Korean people and progressive humankind.

Kim Cha Dol, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Youth League in Japan, said that Kimjongilia reflects the reverence for Kim Jong Il of the people in the motherland and overseas and world progressive people.

Kim Jong Il, a peerlessly great man, will live forever along with the immortal flower, he noted.

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