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Kim Jong Il Praised by Foreign Media
Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- Foreign media carried special write-ups illustrated with the portraits of smiling Kim Jong Il on his birth anniversary.

The Mongolian paper Zuuny Medee on Feb. 15 in an article titled "The DPRK is commemorating the birth anniversary of the great leader" noted the world community is praising Kim Jong Il as a prominent great man.

The paper in an article subtitled "HE Kim Jong Il is the great leader" noted under his wise guidance the DPRK emerged a satellite producer and launcher and ranked itself among nuclear weapons states, registering world-startling achievements, holding high the torch of industrial revolution in the new century.

He made sure that the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration were adopted, opening a bright prospect of national reunification, and dynamically pushed forward global independence.

The paper in an article subtitled "HE Kim Jong Il was a benevolent father of the people" said history does not know such great man as Kim Jong Il who dedicated all his life to the people.

The Malaysian paper Guang Ming Daily on Feb. 15 carried a special write-up illustrated with the photos of Kimjongilia and the birthplace of Kim Jong Il in the Paektusan secret camp.

A Romanian paper on Feb. 16 in an article titled "In memory of HE Kim Jong Il" referred in detail to the fact that the Korean people were overcome with irrepressible sorrow and grief over his demise.

The Egyptian paper Al Ahrar on Feb. 14 edited articles "Through extraordinary ideological and theoretical activities", "By original political mode of Songun," etc.

The Mexican paper Unidad Nacional on Feb. 15 noted the core of Kim Jong Il's personality was his love for the people, telling legend-like stories associated with his journeys for field guidance.

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