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GI Crimes Unabated in Afghanistan
Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- GIs in Afghanistan committed awful crimes one after another, stunning the international community and touching off criticism from all people.

Afghan laborers found charred remains of copies of the Koran, when collecting rubbish from a Bagram airforce base in the suburbs of Kabul on Feb. 20.

This news triggered off strong anti-U.S. demonstrations in various parts of Afghanistan. The U.S. consulate was attacked and GIs were killed.

As the situation turned grave, the U.S. chief executive was busy sending apology to the president of Afghanistan.

It is the second time this year that the U.S. forces in Afghanistan committed a diabolical act, stunning the world.

Posted on Internet on Jan. 11 was a video showing four U.S. marines urinating on the dead bodies of three Taliban fighters and jeering "Have a nice day, buddy" and "this is shower of urine for you." This incident which touched off towering protest against the U.S. is still vivid in the memory of people.

In 2011 alone gunships of the U.S. forces machine-gunned nine boys under 12 one by one when collecting firewood in Kunar Province.

Five GIs committed all sorts of rash acts such as taking almost 4 000 photos showing them killing Afghans, the crime which can be committed only by human butchers.

The chief criminal had a photo taken, guffawing, his face raised with the hair of the dead civilian in his hand. This photo provoked world public uproar.

These crimes against ethics clearly proved what "liberty" and "human rights" for Afghanistan which the U.S. so noisily advertised are really like.

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