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Minju Joson Accuses S. Korean Minister of Unification of Perverting Truth
Pyongyang, February 26 (KCNA) -- Minister of Unification of south Korea Ryu U Ik recently called on the DPRK to "stop at once its wrongdoings, promptly respond to dialogue and opt for settling the issue of separated families". He also accused it of "having resorted to slander against south Korea".

Minju Joson Sunday observes in a bylined commentary in connection with Ryu's remarks:

His remarks do not deserve even a passing note. But we would like to disclose the truth as the traitor dared to take issue with the DPRK pretending to know something about the north-south relations.

The issues mentioned by the traitor have already been clarified in the July 4 Joint Statement which the north and the south jointly declared internally and externally as a programme common to the Korean nation 40 years ago.

The DPRK side's persistent and sincere efforts provided the Pyongyang summit which culminated in the publication of the June 15 joint declaration. The north and the south have since developed the bilateral ties through dialogue and negotiations under the banner of "By our nation itself".

Even after the Lee Myung Bak regime took office, the DPRK exercised patience to constantly improve its relations with south Korea.

The Lee's group of traitors, however, totally denied the dialogue, saying "it will not have a dialogue led by the north" and "it is determined to maintain the north-south relations in a frozen state till its term of office expires".

He disallowed not only the inter-Korean cooperation and exchange but the humanitarian work.

It even let the military warmongers set up targets and slogans hurting the supreme leadership of the DPRK that the Korean people regard as their life, and fire at them.

The group insulted its fellow countrymen when they were grieving over their great loss.

Ryu U Ik had better study more the inter-Korean relations and make sincere apology for the crimes committed by the group before the nation.

If he continues to work as a faithful servant for traitor Lee Myung Bak, he will meet a severe punishment of the nation together with his master.

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