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Minju Joson U.S. Military's Trial Derided as Hypocritical
Pyongyang, February 22 (KCNA) -- The U.S. military court recently tried GI criminals who brutally killed 24 innocent villagers in the western part of Iraq in 2005.

The court "degraded" the criminal who ordered the U.S. Marines in Iraq to kill the civilians and acquitted 7 others who executed it.

Minju Joson Wednesday observes in a bylined commentary in this regard:

The trial was a wanton violation of international law and humanitarian principles and a grave challenge to justice and human conscience.

Offenders who committed massacre are to face stern punishment at the International Criminal Court in line with international law including the "Convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide" which took effect on Jan. 12, 1951 after being adopted at the 3rd Session of the UN General Assembly on Dec. 9, 1948.

Clear is the reason why the U.S. defends the criminals even in wanton violation of international law. The trial was just a deceptive farce to calm down the resentment of the international community and public criticism.

The history and situation prove that the world can never go in peace as long as the U.S. keeps producing brutes steeped in misanthropy to the marrow of their bones.

It is unreasonable for the U.S., a country bereft of justification to talk about human rights issue, to take issue with this or that country and to openly interfere in their internal affairs under such spurious slogans as "peace" and "respect for human rights".

The U.S. should reveal its true colors as outrageous human rights abuser and brute before finding fault with others. It should stand trial at the international human rights court.

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