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Ten Major Crimes Committed by Lee Myung Bak against Reunification in Four Years of His Office
Pyongyang, February 21 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute issued a memorandum on Tuesday laying bare the ten major crimes committed by the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors against the reunification during four years of his office.

The memorandum said:

After coming to power, Lee Myung Bak nullified the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, negated the idea of "By our nation itself", their main spirit, and debased the June 15 era as the "lost decade".

He has not implemented any of the contents of the north-south joint declarations and brought to naught all the achievements made in the June 15 era.

He categorically rejected dialogue and malignantly flouted and desecrated our sincere efforts for it, asserting that "south Korea would not have dialogue at which it is dragged by the north," "It is good to spend five years without south-north dialogue" and "he is ready to keep the inter-Korean relations in a state of freeze till the end of the tenure of his office".

The group fabricated a provocative case and used them for taking what it called "May 24 step," totally disallowing non-governmental contact and exchange.

These moves brought visits of people of different social standings between the north and the south to suspension, making it impossible for non-governmental organizations to have any contact and compelling the north and the south to hold joint events including meetings for the June 15 reunification separately.

The puppet group laid down absurd "four principles to govern the operations towards the north", claiming "it is impossible to have economic cooperation as long as nuclear weapons exist", "The drain of resources for the north for the past decade resulted in nukes and missiles" and "Don't think inter-Korean relations would improve through cooperation."

The puppet group unilaterally brought the tour of Mt. Kumgang to suspension under the pretext of the tourist case which occurred due to her wrongdoing after describing it as someone's "financial resource" and the like.

Claiming that the work at the Kaesong Industrial Zone is of help to the north, the group worked hard to halt it. Finding it impossible to achieve its aim, the group resorted to a "withering-to-death operation" aimed at largely weakening operations there, putting pressure upon entrepreneurs and restricting the entry and exit of materials, the number of persons and vehicles.

Due to the group's moves to scuttle the cooperation the south Korean enterprises operating there suffered a total of more than 13 billion dollars over the last four years. Many enterprises which had staked their fate on the north-south cooperation went bankrupt. Deprived of their means of living, many inhabitants committed suicides.

In four years of his office, Lee had never been the first to propose any talks or contact concerning Red Cross or humanitarian issues including the issue of reunion of separated families and relatives. When his delegates appeared at north-south Red Cross working contacts and talks arranged thanks to the positive efforts made by the north side, they only hatched plots and resorted to obstructive moves, talking about "south Korean abductees", " POWs of ROK Army" and "regularization."

The fact that just two reunions of separated families and relatives took place in four years since 2008 when the group came to power clearly proves the insincere approach taken by it towards humanitarian undertakings.

As far the delivery of humanitarian goods between the north and the south is concerned, Lee Myung Bak deterred even one gram of rice and cement from being sent to the north, citing "transparency" and "diversion to military purpose".

In the meantime, the Lee group undisguisedly perpetrated the operations for luring or abducting inhabitants of the DPRK en masse.

It, at the same time, brutally executed leading members of pro-reunification movement organizations and other personages on charges of violation of fascist laws after branding them as "servants of the north", "pro-communists" and "spies."

The number of cases of suppressing reunification movement organizations on charges of violation of "Security Law" more than quadrupled over that under the previous regime and the number of the pro-reunification patriots who had been put to custody for no reason reached hundreds.

Lee Myung Bak has worked with bloodshot eyes to escalate the confrontation of systems, negating the fundamental principles of national reunification and north-south ties and talking about "unification under liberal democracy", "German-style unification" and "contingency".

It even hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and decried the best socialist system, kicking up anti-DPRK human rights campaign. It claimed the "south cannot exist with the north in this bright world", the "north should not be considered as compatriots with whom to live together" and the "north's regime and its inhabitants should be dealt with separately".

Seized by "the theory of collapse", the group talked nonsense that "unification may come at midnight like a burglar." It got crazy with the moves to escalate the confrontation with compatriots, staging such farce as "unification education" and "unification tax" and reviving "the theory of principal enemy."

While in office, the Lee regime supplemented and rounded off scenarios for war of aggression against the north including OPLAN 5027 and OPLAN 5029 in league with its American master. It staged Key Resolve, Foal Eagle and Ulji Freedom Guardian and other large-scale war maneuvers to put them into practice.

In four years of its office the Lee regime staged more than 1 600 war maneuvers against the north.

In wanton violation of the October 4 declaration, the Lee group massively beefed up aggression troops in areas around five islands in the West Sea and staged dangerous saber-rattling targeted against the DPRK.

In March and November 2010 the puppet group perpetrated such hideous provocations as the "Cheonan" warship incident and the Yonphyong Island shelling incident, pushing the situation to the brink of war.

Far from expressing consolation and condolences to the compatriots grieving the great loss to the nation, the Lee regime put the puppet army, police, government employees and even embassies abroad on emergency alert, inciting confrontation and war fever. It even barred south Koreans from visiting Pyongyang. It prevented them from expressing condolences and destroyed incense-burning altars.

Considering the great loss to the nation as a golden opportunity of achieving its sinister goal, the Lee regime ran the whole gamut of intrigues to undermine the single-minded unity of the people in the DPRK and seriously mocked at the tears shed by them.

The memorandum says in conclusion: The north-south relations cannot escape catastrophe and the nation is fated to meet only war disasters as long as the Lee group stays in power. This is the final conclusion drawn from the four years of his office and its summation.

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