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Birth Anniversary Commemorated in Russia
Pyongyang, February 21 (KCNA) -- A Kimjongilia exhibition took place with due ceremony in Vladivostok, Russia on February 9 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of general secretary Kim Jong Il.

Present at the opening ceremony were the special envoy of the administrative governor of Maritime Territory, officials of the Administration of Maritime Territory, the Mission of the Foreign Ministry in Vladivostok, the Artyom City Administration, the Vladivostok City Administration and Assembly, the "United Russia" Party, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, "A Just Russia", Far Eastern State University of Russia, the Vlad Bread Factory, the Prima-Media News Agency, the Komsomolskaya Pravda, the Vladivostok Daily and masses.

The special envoy said that there exist in this world various kinds of flowers to boast their beauties and scent but there is no flower praising a great man like Kimjongilia.

He stressed that he would make positive efforts to cultivate Kimjongilia deeply rooted in the land of the Far East and expand the sphere of its dissemination.

The chairman of the Vladivostok City Assembly noted that he was fascinated by the beauty of Kimjongilia, adding that he would widely introduce and spread the stories about this flower to the Russian people and take the lead in cultivating and disseminating the famous flower in the future.

An associate professor at Far Eastern State University of Russia said that Kimjongilia could be acclimatized to the environment of Maritime Territory thanks to the profound reverence of the Russian people for Kim Jong Il. There is no boundary as regards the reverence of all people for Kim Jong Il, he added.

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