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Letter to Kim Jong Un from Overseas Compatriots
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- The dear respected Kim Jong Un Saturday received a letter from the members of the delegation of overseas compatriots on the birth anniversary of general secretary Kim Jong Il (Day of the Shining Star).

For all overseas Koreans far away from their homeland, the DPRK was like a mother whom they missed awake or asleep and care of Generalissimo Kim Jong Il under which they would like to come always, the letter said, adding:

Long ago Kim Jong Il clearly indicated the road to be followed by the Juche-oriented overseas Koreans movement with his farsighted wisdom and energetic leadership. When we did something, though small, for the country and people, he highly appreciated it and honored us with the Order of Kim Il Sung, Labor Hero and the National Reunification Prize, enabling us to enjoy an eternal life.

This loving care of the tender-hearted father is still reaching us thanks to the warm love and benevolence of you identical to Kim Jong Il in ideology, leadership and virtues.

Taking part in the events commemorating the Day of the Shining Star, we came to have the unshakable faith that Kim Jong Il will always be with us, overseas Koreans, and immortal like the sun thanks to your leadership and more firmly grasped the truth that no force on earth can match the might of the Korean people single-mindedly united around you.

We will visit compatriots everywhere they live to rally them around overseas compatriots organizations, patriotic legacies of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and thus strengthen their forces.

By doing so, we will invariably hold you in high esteem as the lodestar and father of the nation just as we followed Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and become genuine overseas Koreans remaining loyal to you with good achievements in opening the gate to a thriving nation, his earnest last instruction, not as mere overseas compatriots receiving his loving care.

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