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Kim Jong Il, Son of Mt. Paektu
Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- An international organization and a Brazilian organization posted on their Internet homepages special write-ups on the birth anniversary of general secretary Kim Jong Il.

The Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain on Feb. 8 posted on its Internet homepage One Corea Network articles with an image of Kim Jong Il.

In an article titled "Son of Mt. Paektu" the homepage told a story about the mysterious weather on Mt. Paektu on the day when he was born, saying that even the sky seemed to congratulate him on his birth.

Mt. Paektu is associated with so many stories with profound meanings, it noted, and went on:

As people say a man is apt to resemble the area where he was born, Kim Jong Il resembled Mt. Paektu in the true sense of the word.

It attracts so many people for its majestic appearance as it has large Lake Chon on its top and is surrounded by myriads of mountain peaks and mysterious natural wonders.

They are a symbol of Kim Jong Il's personality and spirit featured by his high aims, extraordinary wisdom, strong grit and will, broad magnanimity and perfect commanding art.

The Brazilian Committee for Solidarity with the DPRK on Feb. 11 posted on its Internet homepage an article titled "Leader Kim Jong Il will always live in the hearts of the Korean people and progressive mankind" with the portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il.

The homepage introduced Mt. Paektu, Jong Il Peak, Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan Secret Camp and the grand opening of the meeting for greeting the sun in the 21st century in the area of Paektusan Secret Camp on the occasion of the February holiday in 2002.

It went on: Pyongyang in February is still covered with snow but tens of thousands of red Kimjongilias are in full bloom in the festival venue on the bank of the Taedong River, beautifully decorating the significant holiday.

It dealt with the background against which Kimjongilia came into being and stories that there appeared the organizations going by the name of the immortal flower and greenhouses in different countries and Kimjongilias cultivated by world people with sincerity are being displayed at the flower festival venue in February.

Kimjongilias will more beautifully bloom along with the august name of the peerlessly great man, attracting all people, it stressed.

It edited a photo on the Kimjongilia festival venue.

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