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Patriotic-minded Korean Dancer in Japan
Pyongyang, February 17 (KCNA) -- Kim Yu Ri, actress of the Kumgang-san Opera Troupe of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, is attracting the audience with her dance "Traditional Korean Jacket and Skirt".

A music and dance performance by the art troupe of Koreans in Japan is going on at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre to commemorate the Day of the Shining Star (February 16), birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

To the applauding audience, she said her life experience made her dance truthful.

During her primary school days some two decades ago, it occurred to her one day to witness a Korean girl in Korean dress being assaulted by Japanese rascals in a bystreet. This reminded her of what she was told by her parents about crimes the Japanese imperialists committed during their colonial rule over Korea.

The Japanese prevented Korean women from wearing traditional Korean dresses by menacing them with knives. They even threw ink into those in Korean jackets and long skirts.

Kim came up with an idea to dance in Korean dress to inspire the Korean residents in Japan with confidence.

Being interested in dancing, she learned it with the help of her father. She often watched performances given by the opera troupe.

After becoming a dancer of the Kumgang-san Opera Troupe she chose a Korean dress dance as her maiden work.

She met many Koreans in Japan to listen to how they had defended the nationality despite the Japanese reactionaries' suppression. She also met students at Korean schools to see girls wearing Korean dresses.

When she came to the homeland, she visited national art troupes to study Korean dance rhythms.

She performed solo dance, result of her hard work, everywhere Koreans lived in Japan, exciting Koreans.

In March last year when Japan was hit by massive earthquake and tsunami, she encouraged the tsunami-battered Korean compatriots with the dance.

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