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Kim Jong Il's Humanity Admired by World People
Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA) -- "I saw personality and disposition of a sage, a sun-like man in leader Kim Jong Il. He can be likened to the sun." Giancarlo Elia Valori, chairman of the Italian General Investment Group and chairman of the Development Bank of the Mediterranean, said this.

World political elder Kim Jong Il was a man possessed of the noblest human love.

He embraced and took care of all those who loved justice and truth and desired independence and progress irrespective of differing nationality, language, complexion, political view and religious belief.

One of them was Pierre Boudot, a famous French professor. He, feeling that he was much indebted to Kim Jong Il, used to tell his colleagues that Kim Jong Il was a great man who care for his comrades, whom he once put trust in, and also their children.

The wife of Moustafa, a diplomat of the Palestine Liberation Organization operational in Pyongyang, gave a birth to her first baby girl after a decade of marital life at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital under the deep care of the leader.

Though busy with the state affairs, Kim Jong Il read a letter of thanks the couple presented to him and named their daughter "Jindallae" (azalea), and sent gifts to them.

His warm love went to a number of foreign families including those of a former Soviet Union veteran, a Cuban child called "Saebyol", Checa of Peru and Govind of India.

When he dropped in at Khasan during his Russia visit, the leader first learned in detail about the residents' traffic problem caused by the strong wind. This aroused admiration among the Russians and world media.

He was a man who impressed all the people and the world with his benevolent politics.

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