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Birth Anniversary of Kim Jong Il Commemorated in DPRK
Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA) -- The birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il was significantly commemorated in the DPRK.

Pyongyang, provinces, cities and counties, industrial establishments and co-op farms were garbed in festive attires and wrapped in an atmosphere of boundless reverence for Kim Jong Il.

The venue of the 16th Kimjongilia Festival and the exhibition halls of Kimjongilia in various provinces were pervaded with unbounded reverence for Kim Jong Il.

The visitors to the venues of photo and fine art exhibitions stood long before the documents related to photos and fine art works showing the sacred life of Kim Jong Il.

Officials and other working people and youth and students in different provinces held meetings and concerts for remembering Kim Jong Il, recollecting so many unforgettable stories about his journeys for field guidance.

Remembrance concerts of school youth and children were opened in South Phyongan and Hamgyong provinces under the respective titles "Eternal Sun of Songun in the 21st Century" and "February Replete with Yearning."

Art performances were given at theatres and halls in Pyongyang and localities and hymns and songs of peerless great men resounded forth at institutions at all levels, industrial establishments and co-op farms.

Joint meetings of the Korean Children's Union organizations took place in different provincial capitals.

Commercial and public catering networks were busy with service on the February holiday.

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