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Kim Jong Il Praised by Bangladeshi Figure
Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il performed immortal exploits before the era and history by leading the revolution and construction in the DPRK along the road of victory with his brilliant wisdom, outstanding ideas and theories and extraordinary leadership art for years.

Garib Newaz, president of the Bangladesh People's League and the chairman of the Bangladesh Self-Reliance Research Centre, said this in his statement on February 8.

He went on:

He comprehensively systemized the Juche idea, a great idea steering the era of independence, providing progressive humankind with it.

He was a prominent leader of the Korean people and the world progressive people struggling to realize independence.

We are sure that the Songun leadership of the dear respected H.E. Kim Jong Un, a reliable successor to the revolutionary cause of H.E. Kim Jong Il, would bring the Korean people and progressive humankind greater victory and glory.

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