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KCNA Commentary Slams Stepped-up Moves for U.S.-Japan-S. Korea Military Alliance
Pyongyang, February 14 (KCNA) -- The U.S., Japanese and south Korean military authorities in recent closed talks on Jeju Island called for "maintenance of close system for sharing information of the north" and "regular" talks, while talking about the "provocation" of someone.

This is part of the U.S. strategy toward Asia which envisages putting military pressure on the DPRK and containing powerful neighbors through the establishment of triangular military alliance.

The "information sharing" and "regular talks" aim tightened "tripartite cooperation", an expression of their stepped-up moves to form triangular alliance for aggression.

The joint operational scenario is already in place among the three parties and the military operation commanding system of armed forces has been coordinated. The operation of information sharing system would be ill-boding under this situation.

There is no doubt that its immediate target is the DPRK.

The U.S. seeks to ignite a war on the Korean Peninsula in a bid to realize its domination strategy toward Asia and Korea.

It has amassed armed forces for aggression in south Korea and its surrounding areas to launch military operation against the DPRK any moment and regularly staged military drills to round off the preparations for war.

The U.S. plan is to put the Asia-Pacific region under its control through the triangular military alliance. Japan is also mulling becoming the "leader" of Asia by taking advantage of the U.S. aggression Asia strategy.

The international community should heighten vigilance against the aggression forces' desperate moves in the Asia-Pacific region, a region drawing big attention of the world forces.

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