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Nothing Is More Genuine and Strong than Tears Shed by Korean People: Rodong Sinmun
Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- Nothing is more genuine and strong than the tears shed by the Korean people when grieving over the passing of leader Kim Jong Il who dedicated himself to the country and its people all his life, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a political essay.

It goes on:

Witnessing and experiencing the whole life of Kim Jong Il, the Korean people more keenly realized what a great man they have held in high esteem as their leader and what a happy and worthwhile life they have led.

He was born in a cold log cabin in forest of Mt. Paektu, not a cradle. From that day he suffered from cold and hunger, nostalgic of his homeland. He spent his childhood when the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was at its height.

Then he underwent difficulties during the period of building a new country, the three year-war and the postwar rehabilitation and construction.

Then followed the 1970s and 1980s when he had to carry out the work to succeed to the revolutionary cause with his ability and will and which witnessed an era of prosperity thanks to the dramatic changes that took place as a result of the speed campaign.

Then came periods when he was compelled to battle to defend socialism and the whole nation mourned the passing of President Kim Il Sung in profound grief and had to make the Arduous March.

In the subsequent period Kim Jong Il set about on long journeys of Songun and steered the country's stand-off with the U.S. over the nuclear issue and a war minus gunfire. Then he led the country to make a leap forward towards the world level and a drive to push back the frontiers of latest science and technology and so on.

For the Korean people Kim Jong Il was a great man all his life, not merely a great leader or the supreme commander. He served them with pure conscience before considering it as his mission or ideal or obligation to do.

There was little that he received from the people and there was nothing that was left for himself.

He always thought of people. Day and night, rainy or snowy day, happy or unpleasant day, people were the uppermost in his mind.

He bestowed unbounded benevolence upon the people, but he was never content with it. He always took pain to do anything good for them and worked heart and soul for it.

It was the last day of his life that he was advised by doctors to take a rest for healthcare. But he set about a journey for field guidance early in the morning when people were in a deep sleep. He passed away of an unimaginable heart attack.

The smile of the strong man shines as a banner of victory and will be cherished in the hearts of people as an immortal soul.

His life is not over but just a beginning as his desire is yet to come true and his running train that had stopped has to sound a louder whistle and all the service personnel and people should emerge more powerful and win greater victory as befitting his soldiers and disciples.

We the sons and daughters of Kim Jong Il can not merely weep over the father's boundless love shown for us.

The life of Kim Jong Il is enshrined in our hearts as a mirror of mind that makes us look back on what we did everyday and every hour and encourages us to go ahead and as blood and soul.

We are obliged to turn the snowstorm which Kim Jong Il weathered all his life into confetti and build a thriving nation, his life-long desire, so that he may rest in peace at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace.

Thanks to the march of Juche made by all service personnel and people hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, Korea of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, a powerful, highly civilized and prosperous country to be envied by the world, will make its appearance.

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