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Kim Jong Un's Strong Sense of Responsibility for Future
Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- KCNA had an interview with teachers and students of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, where Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, visited on the lunar New Year.

Student Pak Un Hyok said:

"Most of the students of the school are bereaved of their fathers. But they have never thought of themselves without fathers. We have the dear respected Kim Jong Un identical to General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

When visiting our school, he tasted soy sauce and even touched the ground of the basketball court, afraid we may get injured. He is really our father."

Ji Chun Ran, a cook at the school, said:

"Sons of the revolutionaries and patriots who devoted their lives to the country and people are studying here.

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un was kind enough to look at students taking their meal. He reminded us of our real father."

Ri Sol Mi, a teacher of the school, said that such school for children of revolutionary martyrs founded by President Kim Il Sung and developed under the deep care of leader Kim Jong Il can be found in the DPRK only.

She went on to say:

"Our school is associated with deep care of the peerlessly great persons who brought up the future of the country and the revolution.

When the dear respected Kim Jong Un was visiting our school and paying deep concern to the students' living, we felt his strong will to fulfill his responsibility for the destiny of the country, revolution and nation.

The students of our school are really happy."

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