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DPRK Opera Enjoys Popularity among Chinese
Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- The Phibada Opera Troupe of the DPRK toured some areas of China with the opera "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" from October 25 to January 7, enjoying great popularity among Chinese people.

The opera, created under the wise leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, is a precious cultural treasure demonstrating the developed Juche-oriented arts and contributing to strengthening the DPRK-China friendship in the new century.

Kim Jong Il suggested creating the opera based on a famous Chinese folktale and energetically guided its creation.

He gave guidance to the creation of the opera in September Juche 99 (2010).

He said that performers' dialogue should be implicated, women's pangchang (off-stage song) introduced and Chinese national instruments used in the opera.

He also helped creators decorate the tomb scene, the last part of the opera, in a peculiar way.

Afterwards, he guided the creation of the opera on several occasions, successfully completing it as a symbol of the DPRK-China friendship.

Chinese people, enjoying the opera, said that it was an excellent work truthfully representing their feelings. They also praised the creative talents of Korean artistes.

They expressed deep reverence for Kim Jong Il, saying that they learnt about his greatness through the wonderful performance.

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