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Foreign Newspapers on Kim Jong Il's Birth Anniversary
Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- The Uruguayan and Pakistani papers carried special write-ups on the birth anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

The Uruguyanan paper La Juventud on Jan. 29 carried a photo of Kim Jong Il acknowledging the cheers of crowds from the tribune of honor of Kim Il Sung Square and dedicated its one whole page to an article titled "Kim Jong Il, Leader of the People".

What was the core in the personality of Kim Jong Il was love for the people, the paper said, and went on:

It was his outlook on life to serve the people and devote all to them.

The wishes and interests of the people became a standard and starting point of all his thoughts and practice. To realize them was the most important affair to be addressed under any circumstances.

While touring foreign countries, he always thought of the people.

The Pakistani paper Baluchistan Times on the same day said that he made ceaseless long journeys for field guidance with loving care for the people. It was he who made any difficult and troublesome journey to bring happiness to them, the paper noted, and continued:

His field guidance was characterized by his love for the people. Whenever he provided field guidance, he always visited people's houses to learn about their living and had pictures taken with them.

When people moved to new apartment houses, he visited them, bringing matches with him according to a custom, and congratulated them and discussed with them even the future of their children.

When visiting enterprises and units, he encouraged officials to work harder for the people. When new kinds of goods liked by people were produced, he was more pleased than any others and named them.

It was quite natural for the Korean people to have followed him, calling him their father.

The Korean people will materialize the ideas of Kim Jong Il and accomplish his cause under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un, holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem forever.

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