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School Youth Make Study-tour of Mt. Paektu Area
Pyongyang, February 7 (KCNA) -- School youth and children from across the country made study tour of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan secret camp from Feb. 1 to 7 with the approach of the 70th anniversary of his birth.

They toured historic sites and battle sites including the then Command Post of the Pochonbo Battle, police post of the Japanese imperialists, subcounty office, Spring Site in Poso-ri, Tableland of Junghung, Phothae Revolutionary Site, Rimyongsu Revolutionary Site and Chongbong Bivouac Ground.

They laid floral baskets and flowers and bowed before the statues of President Kim Il Sung at the Victorious Battle of Pochonbo Memorial Tower, Pochonbo Revolutionary Site, on the shore of Lake Samji and in the Chongbong Bivouac Ground and the mosaic depicting the three commanders of Mt. Paektu in the Paektusan secret camp.

They held an oath-taking meeting before Kim Jong Il's birthplace.

They visited the Paektu Museum, Samjiyon Schoolchildren's Palace and other edifices of the Songun era built in the town of Samjiyon County.

During the tour they had meetings to hear impressions of the reminiscences of anti-Japanese guerrillas, singing revolutionary songs in chorus while marching in array, publishing flash news, question-and-answer contest, etc.

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