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GNP's Change of Name Ridiculed
Pyongyang, February 7 (KCNA) -- The emergency measure committee of the Grand National Party of south Korea on Feb. 2 decided on the name of the party as Saenuri Party, talking about the "support and trust by the people".

Earlier, it made public a new policy calling for "equal opportunity of learning, flexible policy towards the north and democratization of economy the core of which are welfare, stable employment and fair market economy," etc.

South Korean Kyunghyang Daily News said that GNP's dramatic change of the name is aimed at winning in the "National Assembly" election at hand and the "presidential" election. It is difficult to believe whether the GNP would remain committed to its new policy, the paper added.

The south Korean people are now angered by the GNP.

A poll conducted across south Korea in the new year showed that the majority is opposed to the GNP's stay in power. This is a stern warning against the traitorous party ill-famed for corruption, illegalities, deterioration of the people's livelihood and confrontation policy.

The GNP driven into a tight corner is busy calling for "renovation" in fear of the punishment by the people.

Changing the name of the party is a trite gimmick used by it to achieve its goals whenever it faced important political situation.

It is natural that the south Korean people from all walks of life derided the party's declaration of the "change into a middle-of-the-road conservative party" which came up with a new policy talking about the "support and trust by the people".

"No one should harbor an illusion about the GNP," this is a lesson drawn by the south Korean people who had been subject to unemployment and poverty and all sorts of exploitation and oppression with their rights to existence deprived since the GNP's takeover.

The GNP should not waste time away in foolish dream but make an apology before the whole nation for its past crimes.

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