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GNP's Policy Change Dismissed Hypocritical: S. Korean Paper
Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- Kyunghyang Daily News of south Korea ridiculed the deceptive policy change of the "Grand National Party" in an editorial on Tuesday.

The GNP on Monday made public a new policy reflecting "equal educational opportunities, flexible policy toward north and economic democracy the core of which are welfare, stable employment and fair market economy". It declared its "change to a middle-of-the-road conservative political party", said the editorial.

The editorial derided it as an "audacious declaration of change".

Arousing serious concerns are the misgivings that the GNP's sudden change is aimed to winning the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, it said, adding:

It is natural for many south Koreans to be skeptical about the dramatic declaration of the GNP as it insisted on its fixed attitude over the issues of part-time workers' conversion to full-time job, income tax, conclusion of the "Free Trade Agreement" with U.S., etc., just a few days ago.

It is hard for everybody to be sure of the GNP's implementation of the new policy.

The change of policy orientation has to be preceded by admission of the past mistakes and acquisition of understanding by the people.

The policy change raises skepticism that GNP seeks to make "Lee Myung Bak's party" just look like "Pak Kun Hye's".

The GNP should reflect on what it did in the past and Pak Kun Hye is not without an exception.

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