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KCNA on U.S. New War Scenario
Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is pushing ahead with its plan for starting a new war on the Korean Peninsula.

On Jan. 25 it formally signed a "plan of jointly coping with local provocation" with the south Korean puppet forces, a document for aggression which calls for mobilizing its troops present in Japan and the Pacific region in case an contingency occurs on the peninsula.

Adopted to realize the new U.S. defense strategy, this plan is evoking world public concern as it is a dangerous military movement aimed at unleashing another Korean war.

As already reported, the new defense strategy was worked out under the pretext of "cuts in military spending". Its keynote is to beef up its military forces in the Asia-Pacific region, the Korean Peninsula in particular, following cutting the number of its forces in the Mid-east and Europe.

In other word, it is intended to realize the efficiency and active mobilization of its armed forces on the premise that a new war is unleashed in the Korean peninsula following the Mid-east.

The U.S. authorities have already made it an established fact to start another war in the Korean peninsular.

This can be illustrated by recent remarks of the present U.S. chief executive and defense secretary.

As part of executing their purpose, they plan to stage the largest-ever joint military exercises such as Key Resolve, Ssangryong and Foal Eagle after massively introducing the U.S. ultramodern military hardware into south Korea.

This goes to prove that the final purpose of the above-said joint plan is to launch a large-scale military action on the Korean Peninsula, that is, a new war.

Worse still, the south Korean regime is ready to mobilize all its political, military and economic means and forces as cannon fodder for the U.S. forces and an igniter of new war any moment because it pursues a thoroughgoing U.S.-toeing policy.

This provides the U.S. with all conditions and possibility enough to ignite another Korean war unlike in Mid-east.

Any trifling provocative act will lead to an all-out nuclear war, regional war and finally a new world war in the Korean Peninsula because it is the largest arsenal of nukes and other weapons in the world and there is no durable system and guarantee to avert any war in the peninsula. Accordingly, there is no need to mention a local warfare on the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. would be well advised to ponder over the serious consequences to be entailed by their war provocation moves.

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