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DPRK Papers Call for Working in Kim Jong Il's Way
Pyongyang, February 1 (KCNA) -- All the party members, servicepersons and other people should make it an iron rule of their work and life to create and make leap forward in general secretary Kim Jong Il's way as befitting the officials, party members and people trained by him.

Newspapers of the DPRK made this call in their editorials Wednesday.

Kim Jong Il's is the original way of work and creation whose validity and inexhaustible might had already been fully displayed in the protracted and arduous practice of the Korean revolution, Rodong Sinmun said, adding:

His way is the people-centered way of creation that calls for relying on the popular masses and giving full play to their mental power in order to push ahead with socialist construction. It is also the revolutionary way of struggle in the 21st century as it helps conduct all works in a creative and innovative manner under whatever conditions and circumstances and make uninterrupted strides.

His way represents all examples to be followed in the era of building a thriving nation, ranging from the principles of creation and construction to the mode and spirit of planning works and launching them and to style of work.

The idea of Kim Jong Il in making revolution is that of offensive and his way of revolution is that of offensive. It was his peculiar disposition to go into action rapidly, once the target is set, and dash towards the target and then continue offensive to attain higher goals.

To follow his way is the key to the everlasting victory of the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean revolution and a shortcut to the building of a thriving country.

Minju Joson said: Kim Jong Il is always with us and his venerable name and image serve as the banner of the eternal victory of the DPRK.

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