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New Posters Inspire Korean People in Economic Construction
Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) -- The capital city of Pyongyang has new posters displayed in streets.

The new posters call for thoroughly implementing the tasks set forth by the joint slogans of the Central Committee and Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea and by the joint New Year editorial.

Seen in Chollima and Podnamu (willow) streets and other parts of the city is a poster reading "Let all turn out in carrying out the tasks laid down in the joint New Year editorial!"

The poster portrays a worker calling for carrying out the joint editorial's tasks through a fresh upsurge.

It also contains pictures of fluttering flags with such letters as "Industrial revolution in the new century", "Increased production", "Improvement of people's living standard" and "Thorough implementation".

Another poster says, "Make the year 2012 a year when great achievements are made in light industry, a year when people enjoy the benefit of light industry!" The poster, displayed in Chongnyon Street, calls for bringing about a great innovation and a great leap in the light industrial sector.

A poster reading "Raise the level of the technical equipment of the national economy to that of the Ryonha Machine!" reflects the requirement of the industrial revolution in the new century through a picture of a conventional machine being replaced with a modern one.

Other posters read "Hit the target for iron and steel production without fail by dint of the mental strength of Kangson!", "Direct primary efforts to solving power shortage!" and "Make the Mansudae area filled with grand monumental structures of lasting value!"

The posters inspire the people in their effort for implementing this year's tasks.

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