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KCNA Accuses KBS of Abandoning Basic Mission of Media
Pyongyang, January 27 (KCNA) -- KBS is malignantly slinging mud at the DPRK every day, thus playing the role as a shock brigade of the Lee Myung Bak group keen on confrontation with fellow countrymen.

On Jan. 25 KBS aired another sheer lie that the DPRK "decided to punish illegal border trespass or use of hand phones during the mourning period as wartime crimes." It unhesitatingly used again such trite method of false propaganda as quoting any "source."

It is known to have played the worst role in the anti-DPRK false propaganda, letting loose invectives about every matter after the big loss to the nation. Therefore, nobody would believe KBS accidentally echoed the above-said misinformation.

It is long since KBS was reduced to a pseudo broadcasting service for those in power after ceasing to be a medium whose life and soul are objectivity and fairness.

KBS is a group of despicable servants and hack media persons who depend on the group of traitors to eke out their living after throwing away the soul and basic principle of media.

It has committed a lot of crimes against the nation since the group of traitors came to power, chilling the ardent desire of the fellow countrymen for reconciliation, unity and reunification. It has become more undisguised in its activities against the nation before and after the mourning period.

The service personnel and people of the DPRK solemnly warned KBS and other conservative media that they would deserve punishment. But KBS became more reckless in its smear campaign than any other media to the astonishment of people.

As a crow is never white for often washing, KBS seems to be very busy to pay the bill for its meal to the puppet authorities.

KBS will have to pay a very high price for having blatantly challenged the DPRK by behaving as badly as the group of traitors in defiance of its repeated warnings.

KBS will come to realize what does this warning mean.

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