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Too Late for Lee Myung Bak to Talk about Dialogue: Minju Joson
Pyongyang, January 22 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities' recent rhetoric about dialogue is an unpardonable mockery and insult to the DPRK, says Minju Joson Sunday in a bylined commentary.

Explicitly speaking, the Lee Myung Bak group is not in a position to talk about dialogue, the paper said, adding:

It is an elementary common sense to respect the other party if one wants to hold a dialogue with it.

During the mourning period when the Koreans grieved over the demise of leader Kim Jong Il the Lee group, instead of expressing condolences and sharing sorrow with compatriots in the north, had behind the scenes talks with outsiders as if an opportunity has arrived for realizing its ambition for invading the north.

Had it had any interest in the dialogue, it would have knelt down before the nation and apologized for the huge crimes it committed by hurting the bereaved compatriots. However, it went the lengths of letting loose sheer sophism that "it would follow up the north's attitude over time" and "it expects to get an opportunity to have sincere dialogue".

Its rhetoric about dialogue is to cover up its crimes against humanity during the mourning period, mislead the domestic and foreign public opinion, shift the responsibility for the stalled north-south relations on to the other and evade criticism by the angered public. Such a crafty artifice will, however, get it nowhere.

The group of traitors has now gone desperate in its moves against the north despite its lip-service for dialogue.

It is now too late for the Lee group to talk about dialogue. The DPRK will certainly force it to pay a price for the unethical and treacherous crimes as it had already clarified.

No matter how hard it may try to make the people convince its deceptive talk about dialogue, no one will be taken in by it and the group can never escape the stern judgment by the nation.

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