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KCNA Urges Lee Group to Stop Talking Nonsense
Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors is now more noisily trumpeting about "dialogue" after rubbing salt into the wounds of fellow countrymen in the DPRK grieving over the great loss.

It is asserting that it would "make efforts to mend the fences with the north", talking about "door to an opportunity" and "removal of mutual mistrust."

It is highly ridiculous and shameless for the most hideous group of traitors to still vociferate about "dialogue" even after it received the DPRK's solemn declaration of no longer dealing with it.

How can the attitude the group took during the mourning over the great loss to the nation when even the sky and the land seemed to wail be interpreted as a simple ethical issue or a mistake of policy.

The group must be well aware that the DPRK has not made any concession nor shown any mercy over the issue related to the dignity of its supreme leadership.

The DPRK has never pardoned the Kim Young Sam's group of traitors for treachery it committed during the mourning over the passing of President Kim Il Sung and it will remain unchanged in its strong counter-action against the treachery.

This being a hard reality, the Lee group is brazen-faced enough to call for "dialogue" far from making even a single apology for its high treason.

This is touching off irrepressible resentment among the Korean people.

The DPRK will never regard the confrontation maniacs as a dialogue partner as they are groundlessly hurting the dignity of the DPRK and its system and insulting and slandering its people, denying the DPRK's reality in which the army and people are stepping up their general advance full of conviction with redoubled efforts by converting their sorrow into strength and courage.

It is foolish and preposterous for the group to try to calm down the resentment of all Koreans and divert elsewhere the south Koreans' attention on the point of eruption with the nonsensical story about "dialogue".

Its hypocritical wordplay is only triggering bitterer anger among compatriots.

The foe of the nation would be well advised to stop talking nonsense at once.

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