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Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Work "On Juche Literature" Marked
Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- A meeting took place here on Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's work "On Juche Literature".

The work published on Jan. 20, 1992 clarifies the main principle of the literature construction which calls for fully embodying realism of Juche, the issues of comprehensively carrying forward the tradition of the revolutionary literature and considering the socio-political organism, an integral whole of the leader, party, army and people, as an eternal source of depiction in literature, the principle for depiction which calls for creating literature centered on the characteristics on the basis of truth and philosophy with seed as the core and other issues.

The work also deals with leadership method of taking the party's leadership as a lifeline of the Juche literature construction, pushing ahead with the popularization of literature and successfully training writers as revolutionaries who share destiny with the party.

The work expounds the theory that a work portraying the leader should be a model of the Juche literature and makes an original clarification of the issue of making it a peculiar artistic physiology. This provided a framework of the Juche literature firmly based on the revolutionary outlook on the leader.

Over the last two decades the Korean writers have achieved successes in creating works encouraging the service personnel and people of the DPRK in the worthwhile march for a great surge to open the gate to a thriving nation and making a contribution to the development of literature and arts in the Songun era by embodying the Workers' Party of Korea's Juche-oriented theory of literature.

The participants in the meeting paid silent tribute to Kim Jong Il in humble reverence.

Sin Yong Son, chairman of the Central Committee of the Writers Union of Korea, in his report said that the work serves as an immortal grand programme as it paved a wide avenue for developing the Juche-oriented humanics in the era of independence. It, at the same time, serves as a great banner for fully demonstrating the true nature of the theory of socialist literature, its truth and greatness and steering the present and future of human literature, he added.

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