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Papers Call on Officials to Faithfully Serve People
Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- DPRK newspapers on Friday run editorials calling on all officials to make redoubled efforts to achieve greater results in the drive for the sake of the people as befitting the officials and party members trained by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

Rodong Sinmun says that the Workers' Party of Korea expects the officials, leading members of the revolution, to acquire President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's style outlook on people and more thoroughly establish it than ever before at a time when the whole country is dashing ahead to win victory this year. It continues:

The popular masses are almighty beings in the world and the Korean people can only be called "great people"--This was Kim Jong Il's noble outlook on people.

Kim Jong Il's outlook on people has been carried forward by the dear respected Kim Jong Un and he is pursuing the same benevolent politics, all-embracing politics as Kim Jong Il's.

The WPK's outlook on people is a clear viewpoint of attaching importance to people as it regards them as true comrades, excellent teachers and the most talented creators and a stance of loving and devoting oneself to people as it calls for firmly protecting their dignity and interests and faithfully working for their happiness.

The officials in the DPRK are sons and servants of the people before being leading members of the revolution.

It is the intention of the WPK to see the party and people and officials and popular masses tide over stern trials arms in arms and shoulder to shoulder and consolidate the single-minded unity, a noble revolutionary legacy of Kim Jong Il.

An official should shoulder upon himself a task and undergo sufferings, while letting people enjoy honor and happiness. He should bear the brunt in the spirit of exploring a snow-covered path, considering the people's pain as his own. This is a genuine revolutionary comrade of the WPK.

Officials should go deeper among people as conditions get difficult and hard and lead them along as their mother would do, sharing breath and weal and woe with them. Herein lies the master key to arousing all the masses to a fresh general onward movement.

Minju Joson also calls on all the officials to dedicate themselves to the drive for the sake of the people and glorify 2012 as a year of proud victory when en era of prosperity is unfolding under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

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