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Replacement of Senior Media Persons Demanded in S. Korea
Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- The Journalist Association of south Korea issued a statement on Jan. 16 calling for replacing those senior media persons responsible for false reports.

MBC reporters demanded the resignation of the chief of the news report headquarters and the director of the news report bureau and others, the statement noted, adding:

Last year alone, MBC did not cover actions of people from all walks of life against FTA with the U.S. and downplayed irregularities and corruption disclosed among ruling quarters during the April 27 by-election, October 26 Seoul Mayoral election and the case of Naegok-Dong housing site purchase, etc.

The statement noted that the recent drastic drop of the number of MBC audience and credibility indicates that the people have turned their backs on the broadcasting service which has lost its impartiality.

The statement chided the MBC management for putting pressure on those reporters urging the replacement of those who hold responsible for them and threatening to take disciplinary actions against them.

Those who force reporters to release misinformation should be replaced to preserve fair media service, the statement said, warning they would launch strong protest unless the reporters' demands are met.

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