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Probe into Truth behind Massacres of Civilians Called for in S. Korea
Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- The society of bereaved families of civilians killed before and after the Korean War and members of opposition parties of south Korea held a joint memorial service in South Kyongsang Province on Jan. 13 demanding the south Korean authorities opt for probing the truth behind the massacres of civilians.

Speakers at the memorial service recalled that police mercilessly killed more than 100 innocent civilians in Sokgye-ri of Ryonghyon-Myon, Hail-Myon of Kosong County and other areas in July 1950.

At that time a lot of civilians were grievously killed by U.S. troops in Konmyong, Jongdong, Sopho and Ryonghyon myons, they said, adding: American warplanes flew to villages to indiscriminately bomb and strafe them.

Nevertheless, the present "government" let the south Korean Committee for Settling the Past History for Truth and Reconciliation make a decision that it was impossible to probe the truth behind massacres of civilians by police and the U.S. forces.

They stressed that they could no longer overlook such behavior little short of dropping bombs over the heads of bereaved families again.

They urged the "government" to probe the truth behind the massacres and reinstate the victims and their bereaved families as early as possible.

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