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KCNA Commentary Flays Japan's Dangerous Moves for Reinvasion
Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- Japan is persistently trying to turn itself into a military giant and realize its wild ambition for reinvasion.

When the United States made public a new strategy for national defense, Japan welcomed it before anyone else and is scheming to set up within the government a "national security council" similar to the former's.

The new defense strategy of the U.S. is for aggression against the Asia-Pacific region and its National Security Council is a notorious body for realizing its domination over the world.

This notwithstanding, Japan shows sympathy with this strategy and seeks to establish Japan's version of the "National Security Council". That is aimed to fully gratify Japan's ambition to emerge a military giant and launch reinvasion with the help of its American master.

Japan has already done its utmost to make human and material and legal preparations to put such design into practice.

Japan provided such legal groundwork for military action of its aggression forces as "law on overseas dispatch of troops" and "law on the situation in surrounding areas" and upgraded the Defense Agency into a ministry.

It is also concentrating efforts on raising the striking and mobile capability of the "Self-Defense Forces". It is proven by the present "defense programme guidelines" which stresses the need to build warships and change prototype fighters. 90 percent of military hardware for SDF is home-made.

Japan seeks to acquire the latest weapon technology through the joint development of weapons with the U.S.

Japan has staged military exercises in military bases across Japan and its waters off them and air all the year round in an effort to bolster the cooperation capability of the SDF and the U.S. forces.

What remains to be done by Japan at present is to establish a well regulated system capable of satisfactorily operating and using the existing material and institutional mechanisms for reinvasion.

Japan's bid to set up "the national security council" of Japanese version is nothing but an attempt to hold military supremacy in Northeast Asia and round off a state mechanism for launching reinvasion with the U.S backing.

Japan's dangerous moves for reinvasion are being pushed forward at a final phase.

Japan's primary target of reinvasion is the Korean Peninsula.

It is clearly evidenced by the fact that Japan allowed six civilian ports in Honshu area close to the East Sea of Korea and Kyushu area to be used as logistic and sortie bases of the U.S. navy under the simulated conditions of "contingency" on the Korean Peninsula.

All the archipelagoes of Japan have become sortie and logistic bases for reinvasion.

It is the plan of the Japanese militarists to put the Korean Peninsula under control and, furthermore, realize their old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".

But, this is no more than a daydream.

The world is watching with vigilance the black-hearted intention of Japan to emerge a leader of Asia, backed by the U.S., and the service personnel and people of the DPRK are highly alerted.

If Japan persists in its moves to become a military giant and launch reinvasion, far from drawing a lesson from the blood-stained past history, it will face only a disgraceful defeat and self-destruction.

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