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KCNA Commentary Lee Myung Bak Group of Traitors Fated to Face Severest Punishment
Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) -- The anti-DPRK smear campaign of the south Korean puppet forces has reached such pass that the service personnel of the Korean People's Army and people of the DPRK can no longer tolerate it.

During the mourning in December last year, reptile media under the control of the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors let loose ridiculous jargons as regards the time and place of the passing of the fatherly General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

They insulted the Korean people who shed bitter tears at the morning centers, describing them as "forced sorrow and orchestrated." Not content with this, they released such misinformation touching off towering resentment that "those who failed to show tears at memorial services were sent to a concentration camp and the military was ordered to kill three generations of those who attempt to defect to the south."

Intolerable is the hair-raising behavior of the depraved who ceased to live under the same sky with fellow countrymen.

Their release of such misinformation was timed to coincide with the date when the DPRK made public amnesty and its contents were craftily tailored against it. This evil deed could be done only by the despicable guys hell-bent on letting loose invectives and telling lies.

The group was so much afraid of and upset by the single-minded unity of the DPRK that it got frantic with a smear campaign to play down the essence of the amnesty and slander Korean style socialism centered on the popular masses.

The mourning period offered the world an ample opportunity to know about the real picture of the single-minded unity of the DPRK where the leader and the army and the people form an integral whole. The group of traitors hell-bent on the anti-DPRK campaign could hardly understand the weight and sincerity of the tears shed by the service personnel and people of the DPRK and nothing polite could be heard from it. These guys who ceased to be human beings could hardly imagine the feelings of crowds of loyalists who followed the car carrying the bier of the leader in bitter tears, removing the heavy snow by use of their padded clothes and mufflers.

They are pitiable human scum who can never become part of the nation no matter how often they are reborn.

No wonder, personages of Russia and other countries issued declarations of conscience before the world in clear denial of the puppet forces' smear propaganda.

The service personnel and people of the DPRK feel towering hatred as well as redoubled conviction of victory when seeing this sorry sight of the hostile forces.

They will as ever consolidate their single-minded unity in every way no matter what others may say and dynamically advance only along the chosen road.

The Lee group, hell-bent on slinging mud with collections of the world's worst invectives, deserves the severest punishment by justice and truth.

The service personnel and people of the DPRK will force the puppet group to pay the dearest price generation after generation for decrying their single-minded unity, while hurting even the dignity of the supreme leadership, and working hard to lead the north to what it called "change."

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