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Disgusting Remarks of Minister of Unification of S. Korea under Fire
Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Ryu U Ik, minister of Unification of south Korea, talked rubbish that he would "consult all the issues with the north irrespective of agenda," expressing regret at the firm stand of the DPRK. He blustered he was "urging a wise option and decision," impudently asserting "reform and opening are the only way for helping each other to survive and achieving co-prosperity and peaceful unification."

These reckless remarks come under fire by a bylined commentary of Rodong Sinmun Friday.

What he uttered is nothing but a shameless and cunning artifice to evade the responsibility for the collapse of the inter-Korean relations and mislead the public opinion, the commentary notes, and goes on:

Ryu let loose capricious remarks with forced smile in a bid to create impression that he will do something for north-south dialogue. But, it is too late now.

It is nonsensical to discuss the issue of destiny of the nation with heinous traitors to the nation.

Clear is the aim sought by Ryu in orchestrating a farce, lost to shame. His ulterior intention is to calm down protests of people at home and abroad against the treachery committed by the south Korean authorities during the mourning over the great loss to the nation and cover up their confrontation policy with a veil of "flexibility."

However, such cunning trickery of the Lee Myung Bak group can never work on the DPRK. The "pragmatism-veiled government" has already missed an opportunity to improve relations with the DPRK. There is nothing to expect from the Lee Myung Bak group.

The traitors would be well advised to stop playing such disgusting trick and wait for severe punishment by the nation.

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