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Kim Jong Un Inspects Construction Projects Undertaken by KPA
Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Workers' Party of Korea, state and army, inspected various construction projects undertaken by KPA service personnel including the Pyongyang Folk Park and the Meat Shop in Hero Street.

He was greeted on the spot by commanding officers of the units engaged in the construction.

Going round various projects for hours, he acquainted himself in detail with the progress made in the construction, etc.

He asked in detail commanding officers at each project about how big amount of work is to be done, what measures are taken to supply building materials and what is knotty problems in the construction.

Making the round of the construction site of the Pyongyang Folk Park taking its shape day by day, in particular, he learned about what measures are taken to preserve well the excellent culture and tradition of the Korean nation and how buildings of reduced size such as the Party Founding Memorial Tower, the West Sea Barrage, the Grand People's Study House and the Mansudae Art Theatre are being built to their original state.

He was satisfied to learn that commanding officers and soldier-builders have contrived and introduced innovative construction methods for pushing forward the project without letup even under the recent unfavorable weather conditions by pooling creative wisdom and are ensuring both quality and speed by carrying out work in a bold and big manner.

He praised the officials of the project command for opening a bright vista for finishing the construction as scheduled and expanding the achievements by minutely working out a plan for each process and properly organizing construction and command in keeping with a high degree of enthusiasm of the soldier-builders.

Going round construction projects, he gave precious instructions to be implemented for constructing buildings in a peculiar manner as monumental edifices in the era of the Workers' Party and the Songun era.

He underscored the need to construct the buildings in a responsible manner and properly level areas to match the landscape of their vicinity as the projects undertaken by the People's Army are important ones for realizing the lifetime wishes of leader Kim Jong Il who made so much effort to provide the people with more affluent living conditions and highly civilized living environments.

He called for constructing even a single building in such a way as to be impeccable in the distant future, regarding the WPK's Juche-based idea and theory of architectural beauty as a firm guiding principle.

The Pyongyang Folk Park should be built in such a way as to be in line with the principle of historicism and meet the modern aesthetic need and to enable the people and the school youth and children to have good rest and acquire ample knowledge, he noted.

He also underlined the need to thoroughly implement the Party's policy of putting architecture on a formative artistic basis and thus complete all the projects at the best level so that they may look like spectacular not only when viewed from distance but at close range.

He underscored the need to introduce reasonable and scientific construction methods to push ahead with the project without interruption and successfully build facilities to view buildings as the construction of the park is a hard project requiring a lot of effort and is beset with technological and engineering bottlenecks. He took a benevolent measure for this.

He emphasized the need to build the Meat Shop in Hero Street in such a way as to provide the best conveniences to the customers as the shop will be frequented by them, adding that to this end it is necessary to thoroughly embody the serve-the-people spirit and kindness in the construction.

He called on the relevant units to minutely ensure a timely and sufficient supply of building materials, transport means, etc. necessary for construction in keeping with the rapid progress of the project.

He expressed great expectation and conviction that the soldier-builders would fully display the stamina of the general offensive in the revolutionary soldier spirit and in the spirit of conducting an offensive under the motto "At one go" and thus complete their construction projects as scheduled.

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