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S. Korean Prosecution Accused of Its Despicable Action
Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- The Solidarity for Progress of south Korea in a statement on Sunday accused the puppet prosecution of its despicable action to cover up the truth behind the cyber terrorism by the "Grand National Party" to serve the power.

The statement said:

The prosecution made public groundless results of the investigation, claiming that the Ddos attack on the homepage of the Central Election Commission was made by secretaries of the speaker of the "National Assembly" and Choe Ku Sik to render distinguished services.

This proves that the prosecution gave up the investigation aimed at clarifying who was behind the case and launched an operation to cut off the clue to it.

Querying how the secretaries of lawmakers could commit such cyber attack on the above-said commission, the statement noted: This is absolutely impossible without the instruction of a powerful boss and this is clearly proved by the words of the secretary of Choe Ku Sik that "it appears as if it had been done by me, though it was not my deed."

The statement referred to the disclosure of the fact by media that the chief secretary for political affairs of Chongwadae pressurized the chief of the police agency over the phone some time ago and frequently informed Choe of how investigation was going on.

The statement went on: A day before the Ddos attack Choe at a dinner with other lawmakers bragged "he had a crucial card" and when the crime was brought to light, he insisted "he would not be the only victim."

The statement underscored the need to probe the truth about the case by the concerted efforts of the people, not through the police and prosecution that have not an iota of intention to probe its truth.

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