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S. Korean Broadcasting Services Chide GNP Scam
Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- South Korean broadcasting services chided the "Grand National Party" for allowing its chairmanship to be bought.

KBS on Jan. 7 said it was disclosed that enveloped money was paid in the course of choosing its chairman in the wake of the exposure of Ddos attack and a series of scams committed by confidants of the chief executive.

In case how much enveloped money was paid and how many lawmakers were involved in briberies are disclosed, it will be entailed by strong backlash, KBS noted, and continued:

There is public opinion that each congress of the GNP was customarily influenced by money.

It has become obvious now what political party and candidate the people will choose in the forthcoming "National Assembly" election.

Meanwhile, MBC on Jan. 6 branded the GNP as a cesspool of money politics.

Noting that the people have come to more coolly treat the GNP, MBC called for a thorough probe into the case.

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