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Joint New Year Editorial Calls for Great Innovation in Light Industry and Agriculture
Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- The joint New Year editorial issued by Rodong Sinmun, Joson Inmingun and Chongnyon Jonwi calls for making the flames of Hamnam for great innovation flare up more fiercely in the sectors of light industry and agriculture, the leading sectors for the building of a thriving country.

The flames of Hamnam represent the banner of the general offensive for the great victory in 2012, a banner of fresh change, the editorial says, adding:

The sector of light industry should direct utmost concern to making the modern production bases, which are associated with our Party's great care, pay off.

It should produce in larger amounts quality goods which cater to people's tastes and are welcomed by them.

The problem of raw and other materials necessary for this sector should be solved by relying on domestic resources, and the relentless drive be continued to develop the local industry.

The sector of the agriculture should implement to the letter the Party's policy of agricultural revolution so as to radically increase the per-unit area yield of grain both in lowlands and highlands.

It is important to achieve cyclic production between farming and stockbreeding, introduce the organic farming method of our style in a proactive manner and take timely measures to satisfy the demand for farming materials and machinery needed to hit the target for agricultural production.

It also should ensure that the modern bases for stockbreeding and poultry farming and large-size fruit and fish farms, all having an important share in the improvement of people's living standards, run at full capacity.

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