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Local People Mourn Demise of Kim Jong Il Every Day

Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- An increasing number of people are turning out to mourn the demise of leader Kim Jong Il upon hearing the sad news.

Officials and working people and school youth and children in South Phyongan Province ardently miss Kim Jong Il who wisely led the work to turn South Phyongan Province into a region good to live in and work.

Coal miners of the Anju Area Coal Mining Complex and the February 8 Jiktong Youth Coal Mine wept bitterly, thinking of the devotion and tireless efforts made by Kim Jong Il for the development of the nation's coal industry.

Bitter lamentation was heard from mourners from the Sunchon Pharmaceutical Factory, the Sunchon Shoes Factory, the Tokchon Textile Mill, Ripsok and Ryongo Co-op farms in Mundok County, Sambong Co-op Farm in Phyongwon County and other units associated with his leadership feats.

Employees of the Phyongsong Synthetic Leather Factory could hardly repress their sorrow, looking up to the portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il displayed in front of the Cultural Hall of South Phyongan Province. He told them to boost the production of goods liked by people.

Officials and workers of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, the Pukchang Thermal-power Complex and the Sungri Motor Complex renewed their pledge to increase the production of fertilizer, electricity and vehicles as desired by Kim Jong Il and thus contribute to the building of a rich and powerful country.

Agricultural workers of the Wonhwa Co-op Farm in Phyongwon County who have the peerlessly great persons registered as its honorary farmers left the mourning place, feeling guilty for having failed to remain more loyal to him, and rushed to fields.

The whole land of Jagang Province is overwhelmed with grief over the loss of the father of the nation.

All people from officials of the party and power organs and working people's organizations to working people of industrial establishments and co-op farms and youth and students in the province grieved over the great loss of the father of the nation.

Workers of the Huichon Precision Machine Plant vowed to step up the work for putting the plant on a modern and scientific basis through a high-pitched drive to push back the frontiers of latest science and technology and bring about uninterrupted miracles and innovations in production and thus successfully carry out the behests of Kim Jong Il.

The similar pledge was made by officials and workers of the Kanggye Koryo Medicine Factory and the Kanggye Koryo Medicine Processing Factory honored with a series of visits paid by the leader.

Officials and working people in Usi, Chosan and Hwaphyong counties also renewed their pledge to increase the production at local industrial factories, cherishing the loving care shown by him for people of mountainous villages.

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