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All Koreans Pay Highest Tribute to Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- The image, footprints and voice of leader Kim Jong Il are deeply enshrined in the minds of the Korean people.

At this moment of profound grief over the loss of the father of the nation, they ardently miss him as he brought happiness to the people, always mixing with them and weathering difficulties.

He tirelessly made forced marches for field guidance to factories and farms to meet people despite severe snowstorms or sweltering heat.

It was his preoccupation to make his people happiest in the world. He made long journeys for creation and devotion in order to perform the above-said noble mission.

When officials wished to present a marshal's uniform to him, he said he liked to go in a jumper all the time and he found donning it comfortable as it is well known to the people. He also said he liked medal of hero more than marshal's star because it shines when there is the medal of hero.

People feel their hearts are aching when thinking of forced march, short and uncomfortable sleep, rice balls and wadded clothes about which they often talk when referring to his hardships.

His dress tells what he suffered and how heavy burden he was shouldering at every step.

Mourners bitterly grieve, when seeing Kim Jong Il in jumper which he donned in his lifetime.

In fact, he underwent so great hardships and did so many things for the country and its people. Yet, he never allowed the production of any single feature film depicting him.

The people are, therefore, paying highest tribute to such great man.

His immortal exploits will always win their admiration.

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