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Brilliant Life of Peerless Patriot

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) -- The Korean people are stricken with indescribably bitter grief at the sad news of the sudden demise of leader Kim Jong Il.

His demise is the greatest loss to the Workers' Party of Korea and the revolution.

Born as a son of guerillas on Mt. Paektu, the holy mountain of the revolution, and grown up to be a great revolutionary, Kim Jong Il wisely led the WPK, the army and people for a long period, performing undying revolutionary feats on behalf of the country, its people, the times and history.

He, possessed of personality and qualifications as a great man on the highest and perfect level, led the revolution and construction along the path of steady victories with his profound ideologies and theories and outstanding leadership.

Considering it as his lifelong mission to carry to completion generation after generation the revolutionary cause of Juche started by President Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il pushed forward the Korean revolution in line with the ideas and intention of the President as the dearest comrade and the most loyal comrade-in-arms of the President.

Kim Jong Il comprehensively developed in depth the immortal Juche idea, Songun idea, fathered by the President and glorified it as the idea guiding the era of independence through his energetic ideological and theoretical activities. He firmly defended and carried forward the revolutionary traditions of Mt. Paektu with pure mind, thereby giving a steady continuity to the Korean revolution.

He developed the party, army and state to be the party, army and state of Kim Il Sung, put the dignity and power of the nation on the highest level and ushered in the golden days of prosperity unprecedented in the nation's history spanning 5 000 years.

One of his exploits was that he set a great example in accomplishing the cause of perpetuating the memory of President Kim Il Sung, thus making sure that the undying revolutionary life and exploits of the President always shine along with the eternal history of Juche Korea.

All the Korean people are now once again looking back upon the brilliant life of Kim Jong Il in profound reverence and renewing their unshakable determination to firmly defend his undying revolutionary exploits.

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