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S. Korean Dictatorial Regime Riddled with Corruption

Pyongyang, December 17 (KCNA) -- Irregularities and corruption are being disclosed so frequently among the ruling quarters in south Korea these days that there is uproar that the present regime is heading for the miserable end of the erstwhile dictators.

It is practice and ulcer of the successive dictatorial ruling quarters to meet a miserable end before the expiry of their tenure of office due to disclosure of a chain of world shocking scams.

The present puppet conservative ruling quarters are putting the successive dictators into the shade in such scandals.

Shortly ago, the chief executive let his family member illegally purchase real estate under the pretence of acquiring a house to be used after his retirement, sparking off public outcry.

His family members and confidents are all well-known robbers.

It was brought to light that a relative of his wife received billions of won from the managing director of the Seoul Bus Transportation Group with a sweet promise that he would help him in the election as chief of the "Grand National Party" on the basis of proportional representation.

It was also disclosed recently that an aide to Ri Sang Duk, lawmaker from the GNP who is elder brother of the chief executive, received nearly billion won from a group and the secretary and his staff were involved in this scam in an organized manner.

Countless are cases of scams committed by Ri Sang Duk by abusing the power of his younger brother. He interfered in personnel affairs of the present "government," pocketing a fabulous amount of money and making sure that financial allocations were focused on his hometown.

A cousin on the side of the chief executive's wife expropriated a huge amount of money from big businesses and government officials with the promise of their promotion.

The above-said scandals are becoming more rampant among the ruling quarters as the term of their office is drawing close.

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