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Kim Jong Il's Works Published in Russia

Pyongyang, December 17 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il's works "The Juche Philosophy Is an Original Revolutionary Philosophy" and "Let Us All Live and Struggle Like Heroes" were brought out in pamphlet by the Russian Association for Development of Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries.

The work "The Juche Philosophy Is an Original Revolutionary Philosophy", published on July 26, Juche 85 (1996), clarifies the idea that the Juche philosophy is the original philosophy evolved and systemized by its own peculiar principles and the revolutionary and popular philosophy which truly serves the purpose of the struggle of the popular masses for independence.

It indicates the tasks to study and explain and disseminate the Juche philosophy as intended by the party and to fully embody it in revolutionary practices.

The work "Let Us All Live and Struggle Like Heroes", published on May 15, Juche 77 (1988), explains the occasion and purpose of the National Meeting of Heroes and its historical significance and the idea of the Korean people's tradition of heroic struggles.

It also clarifies the call of the Workers' Party of Korea on all the people to become heroes and live like them.

A ceremony of releasing books took place in Moscow on December 12.

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