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Palhae, One of Kingdoms in Korean History

Pyongyang, December 12 (KCNA) -- Palhae (698-926), the successor to Koguryo, is well known in the Korean history for its strong military and developed economy and culture in the middle ages.

The kingdom was governed by emperor called Hwangsang or Chonson, which means a descendent of Heaven.

Palhae, pursuing an invariable foreign policy, established relations with neighboring nations on its own initiative and defended its territorial integrity from invasions.

The kingdom was capable of mobilizing 400,000 military personnel already in its early years and had hundreds of thousands of troops on a regular basis in the whole period of its existence. It retook most of the Koguryo territory by dint of military muscle.

Rice, fermented soybean, plum, pear, silk, iron, copper and cotton cloth produced in the kingdom were in great demand at home and abroad.

For some two hundred years the kingdom was called a thriving nation in the East.

The excellent tradition and history of Palhae were carried forward by Koryo, the first unified state of the Korean nation.

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