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KCNA Commentary Decries US-S. Korea FTA

Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- The clan of traitors of south Korea unhesitatingly signed up the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S., a crime putting the "five traitors in 1905" into the shade. The "Grand National Party" railroaded the "motion calling for ratification of south Korea-U.S. FTA" through the puppet National Assembly on Tuesday.

This was an act of treachery little short of offering the sovereignty of the south Korean economy to the U.S. and bringing disaster to the nation.

Peasants and civic and social organizations of south Korea strongly reject it, saying it amounts to "death sentence to agriculture and peasants".

FTA dealt a heavy blow on the south Korean peasants, putting their lives at stake.

Surplus agricultural and livestock products of the U.S. will flood the south Korean markets, replacing less competitive south Korean products. This will naturally cause farming families loss of profits and heavy debts.

The south Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Foods said the effectuation of FTA will bring damages in agriculture and fishery for the 15 years to 12 668.3 billion won. Stockbreeding is expected to suffer most with its loss anticipated to total 7 299.3 billion won for the same period.

FTA will totally overturn the foundation of south Korean agriculture.

After taking power, the conservative group of south Korea has imposed immeasurable damage upon peasants by opening the markets for foreign agricultural and livestock goods including American beef, launching the project of improving four large rivers which deprived farmers of their lands and building U.S. military bases that devastated territory.

FTA is an extremely serious crime which destroys south Korean agriculture and putting the lives of the south Korean peasants in harm's way.

However, the conservative group is brazen-faced enough to advertise that south Korea will benefit from the FTA.

With no honeyed words can it ever cover up its hideous crime against the nation.

The traitors seek to prolong their dirty remaining days as politicians by selling the people's right to existence.

The sovereignty and right to existence of the south Korean people can never come true as long as the group of traitors is allowed to stay in power.

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