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Russia Will Take Resolute Measures against US Missile Defence

Moscow, November 24 (KCNA) -- Russian President Dmitri Medvedev warned in a special TV radio show on Nov. 23 that Russia will take countermeasures against the establishment of the U.S. missile defence system.

He said the U.S. recently set off the phased plan to realize the new missile defence plan, which envisages deploying missiles and missile interception means in the vicinity of Russia's border and in the adjoining waters.

Russia will, therefore, take resolute countermeasures, he said, declaring:

1. Upon my authorization the Russian Ministry of Defence will immediately put the radar base for missile attack alarm system in Kaliningrad on alert.

2. Within the framework of the establishment of the airspace defence system of Russia, the objects of strategic nuclear forces shall be put into hiding, to begin with.

3. The strategic rocket forces and the strategic ballistic missiles currently on line for the navy shall be equipped with long-range complexes and new combat equipment of greater efficiency to overcome the missile defence system.

4. I assigned the forces the task to take measures for destroying the intelligence and guidance means of the missile defence system if necessary.

If these measures are considered not enough, Russia will deploy modern attack weapons system in the western and southern parts of the country to make firepower attacks on the elements of the U.S. missile defence system in Europe. The missile complex "Iskander" will be deployed in the special zone in Kaliningrad, in particular, he clarified.

If the situation develops unfavorably, Russia will give up the follow-up measures concerning the disarmament and weapons control and may exercise the right to withdraw from the strategic arms reduction treaty, he said.

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