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KCNA Commentary Rejects U.S. "Asia-oriented Policy" as Policy of Aggression

Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) -- The United States is zealously seeking to expand the sphere of its domination over the Asia-Pacific region.

Such scheme was more clearly revealed before and after the APEC Summit and the 6th East Asian Summit.

On November 17 U.S. President Obama, speaking at the Australian parliament, manifested the stand that top priority would be given to the Asia-Pacific region in carrying out the U.S. diplomatic and security policy.

He also promised to strengthen the relations with the ASEAN and its individual members on Nov. 19 when attending the East Asia Summit for the first time as the U.S president.

The U.S. secretary of State, too, in her lecture made in Honolulu, Hawai, on Nov. 10, said that the U.S. would pivot its diplomatic and economic policy to the Asia-Pacific region and the 21st century would be "U.S.' Pacific century".

The U.S. secretary of Defense said that the U.S. would remain a Pacific nation in the future.

This is a U.S. formal declaration on the "priority Asia-Pacific policy", and it goes to clearly prove that the U.S. set the Asia-Pacific region as the main target of its strategy for domination over the world.

The Asia-Pacific region has become a center of international politics and economy.

The U.S. regards it as a matter closely related to satisfying its endless greed to realize its domination over this region.

Lurking behind the "priority to Asia" touted by the U.S. is its design to take an active hand in the problem of the Asia-Pacific region and tighten its domination and control over it.

The U.S. has long dreamed of its domination over Asia. It is the consistent view of the U.S. that the Pacific and Asia should come into its possession like Texas and California states. Such view had been expressed before and after the Second World War.

The U.S. seeks to realize this ambition at any cost in the present 21st century.

To this end it is scheming to intensify the control and domination over the Asia-Pacific region by military and economic means. Such scheme has been confirmed by the following facts: The U.S. has strengthened the security alliance with Japan, south Korea and others and decided to keep its armed forces in Australia. It has also pushed forward the "diplomacy over human rights" for interference while meddling in regional bodies' activities and attempted to frame up U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership initiative.

What does "return to Asia" by the U.S. in North America mean?

This means that the U.S. intends to make Asia serve it, not Asians.

The masters of the Asia-Pacific region are the people in this region.

But, the U.S. pursues its aggression policy for domination over the region, talking about "return to Asia" and "priority to Asia". This is a wanton encroachment upon independence of the regional people.

The U.S. will remain a gate-crasher of Asia if it does not drop its design for domination over the region.

The 21st century will never be "U.S.' Pacific century".

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