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KPA Supreme Command Warns S. Korean Military Not to Act Rashly

Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- The Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army announced the following report on Thursday as regards the anti-DPRK war exercises launched by the south Korean military on five islands and their surrounding waters in the West Sea of Korea:

The puppet military warmongers of south Korea, keen in confrontation with fellow countrymen, kicked off large-scale anti-DPRK war rehearsal on the five islands and their surrounding waters in the West Sea of Korea at 13:00 Wednesday.

Involved in the rehearsal are the puppet Joint Chiefs of Staff, Command for Defense of Islands in Northwest Sea, Naval Force Operation Command, Air Force Operation Command and other commanding bodies, strike flying corps, fleets of warships, artillery units and other huge armed forces.

Some of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces present in south Korea took part in it.

The military warmongers dared to announce that the rehearsal is aimed to remind the DPRK of victims and lesson from the Yonphyong Island Shelling and review their "perfect readiness for counteraction." It is also intended to show their will to decisively punish "not only the base of provocation but also commanding posts of all echelons including supporters in the north" with the combined forces of three services in case the DPRK starts a military action, they asserted.

As for last year's Yonphyong Island shelling, it was a legitimate self-defensive step against the provocateurs who dared to make a clumsy fire on the inviolable territorial waters of the DPRK despite its army's advance warning.

This being a hard reality, they launched the anti-DPRK war rehearsal far from drawing due lesson on the first anniversary of the shelling. It is little short of a new political and military provocation to the army and people of the DPRK.

Such disgusting behavior by the military warmongers, who go recklessly without knowing about the present trend of situation and their domestic condition, will arouse criticism and ridicules from among the people at home and abroad.

They should not forget the lesson taught by the Yonphyong Island Shelling one year ago.

They should be mindful that If they dare to impair the dignity of the DPRK again and fire one bullet or shell toward its inviolable territorial waters, sky and land, the deluge of fire on Yonphyong Island will lead to that in Chongwadae and the sea of fire in Chongwadae to the deluge of fire sweeping away the stronghold of the group of traitors.

The DPRK revolutionary armed forces are in full readiness to go into a decisive battle to counter any military provocation.

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