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Ulji Mun Dok, Famous General of Koguryo

Pyongyang, November 22 (KCNA) -- Ulji Mun Dok (late 6th century-early 7th century) was a patriotic-minded general of Koguryo kingdom who won fame in battles against invaders.

From his childhood Ulji had studied military science, practicing horse riding and archery.

In 612 when 3 million strong enemy forces attacked Koguryo, he was appointed the commander-in-chief of the Koguryo army.

He went to the enemy position without companion for talks and took the opportunity to learn about the enemy situation.

After returning from the enemy position, he decided to apply night combat tactics and allurement tactics to battles with invaders. He evacuated people from battle fields with no food and drinking water left for the enemy forces.

Unable to bear fatigue and hunger, the invaders had no other choice but to retreat.

Under Ulji's command, the Koguryo army annihilated all of the enemies, but only some 2 000.

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