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Japan's False Document for Invading Korea

Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) -- The Japanese imperialists fabricated the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" by dint of armed forces on November 17, 1905 to convert Korea into their colony.

After pushing Czarist Russia out of Korea through the Russo-Japanese war, they lost no time in setting about putting Korea under its domination.

For this purpose, they sent Hirobumi Ito, the flag-bearer in invading Korea, to Seoul.

Ito met with Emperor Kojong and conveyed a draft "treaty", urging him to accept it.

With Kojong categorically refusing to accept it, Ito lured ministers of the Ri feudal government into the Japanese legation and threatened, blackmailed and appeased them for the criminal purpose of Japan, but to no effect.

The Japanese imperialists redeployed their main forces in Korea from the Russo-Japanese war, encircling the royal palace and cracking down on the Korean people's anti-Japanese sentiments throughout the country.

A meeting was held at the royal palace over the conclusion of the "treaty" but was broken off for ministers' opposition.

Incensed by this, the Japanese imperialists convened a cabinet meeting and stamped the "treaty" themselves with the seal of the Foreign Ministry of the Ri government.

The "treaty" was designed to deprive the Ri government of the diplomatic right and set up Japan's residency-general to take the reins of Korea.

The "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" was a false document for aggression fabricated in a gangster-like way without even the king's signature and the official sealing of the state.

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